Host Homes

Timeframe: (typically) Early May to Aug 31

(there may be some shorter variations)


We are praying for hospitable Christian homes to welcome and provide room and board for our Summer Staff and HS LLT Students during our summer ministry season - OR - if your heart is more for hosting larger groups less often, we'd love to get to know folks who would be interested in hosting "family" style events.

More details below. 

Sleeping & Eating

Everybody's got to do it. Host families ease the burden of a rigorous schedule by providing a home, specifically for our Summer Staff who are from out of town. While out on trips they don't get much down time, so to have a place of retreat when they're home is a huge blessing. We request that our staff not share a room with a host family member. If more than one staff member is placed in the same home, it's okay to have them share a room (while each having their own bed).

And eating... a person can only eat so much camp food, right? While our food is tasty, when Summer Staff are home they'll welcome a change in fare, and the opportunity to actually sit and eat it without their presence being required elsewhere.

Schedule & Expectations

Every year we have young people join us for a summer of ministry. Many are college students, and ages often range from 18-25 (18 is the minimum). We're looking for local homes, in the Canby area or as close to there as possible, as our Summer Staff from out of town often don't bring a vehicle. Depending on the particular Staff member's role, and the busyness of our trips, they may be around anywhere from most days to less than half the time.