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Learn all the cool outdoor things!

Ever wanted to go backpacking, climbing, or learn to ski? Now is your chance! We want to get to know you and share our passion for adventuring with you!

Adventure Community

Let's Adventure Together!

Meet adventurous Friends!

Our goal is to create a community of young people who want to be real with each other and live life to the full! Will you join us?


Push yourself physically & spiritually

Enduring the outdoors is hard, life is hard, friendships are hard, so let's walk through these challenges together. We love Jesus and being outside is our favorite way to experience His love for us!

Upcoming AC Trips!

Here's our list of upcoming trips! Click on the trips that sound awesome and you'll be taken to a sign up form with more info. Can't wait to see you there!

Reach out to Micaiah Meyer with any questions:


Ski and Snowboarding •  Sunday January  29th • 2pm-9pm• $20-$40
Rafting •  Saturday March  11th • 8am-4pm • $15
Mountain Hike •  Sunday March  26th • 1pm-6pm • $15
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