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Spend Your Summer Enjoying His Creation

Our Summer Staff begin on

Locally, here in

Welcome to Youth Dynamics, Adventures Oregon

At the heart of YD Adventures is the desire to spread the love of Christ with youth here in the Pacific Northwest, using adventure and creation to inspire growth and transformation.

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If you have a heart for hospitality, and for participating in the Gospel, consider being a Host Family!


Host Homes are local folks who believe in what we do, and desire to support our Summer Staff by providing them room & board, offering "home" when our staff are between trips.


Lots of people make this ministry run smoothly. Volunteers, Summer Staff, Year 'round Staff, Interns, and High School Staff-in-training.

Do you love to:

serve cook adventure camp support guide mentor photograph play teach engage facilitate



We could use you on a one-off basis! If you like to cook, or love to paint, are great at building stuff, or want to be a guest paddler. We've got space for all of those things!

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